Host: Center for Dansk Jazzhistorie (Aalborg, Denmark)
Organizer and curator: Agnė Pasaravičienė
Supported by: Spar Nord Fonden
Project span: 2023 April - June

Rhythm of Success
Vest for Vesterbro

Vest for Vesterbro is a concert series curated annually by local artists from Aalborg.

Vest for Vesterbro '23/'24 is focusing on representing female musicians as role models through the Open Jazz Jam workshops in the regions of Denmark and on bringing attention to the female band leaders/composers/improvisers during the Vest for Vesterbro concerts at Huset.

Host: Huset i Hasserisgade (Aalborg, Denmark)
Curator: Agnė Pasaravičienė
Organizational partners: JAZZ9TUS, Open Jazz Jam
Project span: September 2023 - May 2024

Džiazo Karavanas 2021

The “Rhythm of Success” is the artist talk event series that aims to create a more inclusive and equitable jazz music industry by addressing the underrepresentation of women and non-binary individuals in jazz, and by promoting greater diversity in jazz education and performance opportunities. “Rhythm of Success” features panel discussions with renowned female artists, and therefore provides a platform for all gender industry professionals and musicians to share their experiences and insights, and to offer strategies for promoting greater diversity in the industry. The audience has the opportunity to engage with the speakers and ask questions, allowing for a deeper understanding of the issues and challenges facing jazz players today. In addition to providing valuable insights and advice, the discussions provides an opportunity for participants to build relationships with other artists and experts in the field. The series aims to create a supportive community where participants can connect, collaborate, and grow together and also to ensure that all talented musicians have the opportunity to succeed and thrive in the jazz world.

Džiazo Karavanas is a sociocultural project with the goals:
to develop international relations between Lithuanian and Danish jazz musicians and their non-governmental institutions;
to contribute to the audience development in the regions of Lithuania;
to represent Danish jazz musicians and their music to the Lithuanian audience;
to represent Lithuanian jazz musicians and their music to the Danish audience;
Džiazo Karavanas was realized in the form of 18 jazz concerts across the regions of Lithuania and in the form of cultural exchange "Baltic Bridge" among jazz musicians and industry professionals from Lithuania and Northern Jutland in Denmark.

Organized by: Tadas Pasaravičius and Agnė Pasaravičienė (VšĮ "Vaibas)
Organizational partners: JAZZ9TUS (Denmark)
Supported by: LTKT (LT), Statens Kunst Fond (DK), JazzDanmark (DK)
Project span: July - December, 2021